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Compressive sensing (CS) can reduce the number of data transmissions and balance the traffic load throughout networks. However, the total number of transmissions for data collection by using pure CS is still large. The hybrid method of using CS was proposed to reduce the number of transmissions in sensor networks. However, the previous works use the CS(More)
Due to the high volume and velocity of big data, it is an effective option to store big data in the cloud, because the cloud has capabilities of storing big data and processing high volume of user access requests. Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) is a promising technique to ensure the end-to-end security of big data in the cloud. However, the policy(More)
In the data center, a server can work in either active state or power-saving state. The power consumption in the power-saving state is almost 0, thus it is always desirable to allocate as many VMs as possible to some active servers and leave the rest to power-saving state in order to reduce the energy consumption of the data center. In this paper, we study(More)
Virtual machine migration has been touted as one of the crucial technologies in improving data center efficiency, such as reducing energy cost and maintaining load balance. However, traditional approaches could not avoid the service interruption completely. Moreover, they often result in longer delay and are prone to failures. In this paper, we leverage the(More)
Compressive sensing (CS) can reduce the number of data transmissions and balance the traffic load throughout networks. However, the total number of data transmissions required in CS method is still large. It is observed that there are many zero elements in the measurement matrix. In each round of data transmission in CS method, the sensor nodes(More)
Distributed computing is a quickest developing engineering. It permits business associations to utilize or access diverse applications, store data without access their individual documents. While considering the force, strength and the security of cloud one can't disregard diverse dangers to client's information on distributed storage. Document(More)
In MIMO networks, there are two transmission strategies, SM (spatial multiplexing) and IC (interference cancellation). The use of SM and IC brings additional complexity for routing and transmission scheduling of the links. Almost all existing works on throughput optimization for MIMO systems are based on the assumption that traffic routing is given and they(More)
In the Wireless sensor network, there may be possibility of failure of nodes because of the power drained or addition of new nodes or may be change in location of nodes due to physical movement. So to accommodate these types of dynamic changes in sensor nodes . MEMAC (Mobile Energy Aware Medium Acces Control) protocol presents hybrid scheme of contention(More)
Software Defined Networking has been adopted to improve data center network efficiency. In SDN, the controllers are responsible for exchanging information with the switches to perform specific operations such as data forwarding. The transmission of control traffic usually uses networks different from data networks. However, building an additional wired(More)
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