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With the coal consumption increasing gradually, coal blending is becoming a routine work in power stations. Due to the fluctuation of the coal quality, coal blending is in fact an optimization problem under uncertain conditions, so that it is difficult to solve with the traditional linear programming model. On the other hand, BP neural network, a nonlinear(More)
Due to its harm to human health, mercury emission from coal combustion power stations has brought more and more concern. The existed APCDs such as bag filter, electrostatic precipitator and wet FGD may remove the oxidized mercury from the flue gas. However, they have no obvious removal efficiency on the elemental mercury. The main direction in the(More)
In this paper, a novel computational scheme, local whole-information difference scheme (LWDS), was proposed to solve significant pseudo diffusion in recirculating flow zone during numerical simulation. In LWDS, the effect of all of the local around points on the control volume was considered to demonstrate the spatial characteristics of the flow, and the(More)
More and more concern has been put on the mercury emitted from power stations burning coal because of its harm to human health. Both of the US EPA and European Commission have set regulations on the mercury emission from the electric utilities. China also pays more and more attention to the mercury emission and starts to sponsor the projects relative to the(More)
In this paper, fly ash sampled at ESP inlet and outlet in a coal fired power station was analyzed, and its characteristics and effect on mercury removal were experimentally studied. It shows that particles consisted in the fly ash are mostly smaller than 50-100 μm , and some were even smaller than 10 μm. The main contents in the fly ash were(More)
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