Ruisong Guo

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Graphene oxide-bacterial cellulose (GO/BC) nanocomposite hydrogels with well-dispersed GO in the network of BC are successfully developed using a facile one-step in situ biosynthesis by adding GO suspension into the culture medium of BC. During the biosynthesis process, the crystallinity index of BC decreases and GO is partially reduced. The experimental(More)
Studies on the early calcium phosphate (Ca-P) formation on nanosized substrates may allow us to understand the biomineralization mechanisms at the molecular level. In this work, in situ formation of Ca-P minerals on bacterial cellulose (BC)-based nanofibers was investigated, for the first time, using the X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES)(More)
This paper reports an alternative process to prepare hollow mesoporous silica spheres (HMS) using a single cationic surfactant with a tunable wall thickness and radially oriented pore structures. Using N,N-dimethylformide (DMF) as the intermediate solvent bridging the organic and aqueous phase, hollow mesoporous silica spheres were synthesized with(More)
Fluorescent Functionalized Mesoporous Silica for Radioactive Material Extraction Juan Li a b , Kake Zhu a , Jianying Shang a , Donghai Wang a , Zimin Nie a , prof. Ruisong Guo a , Dr. Chongxuan Liu a , Zheming Wang a , Dr. Xiaolin Li a & Dr. Jun Liu b a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory , Richland , WA , USA b School of Material Science and Engineering,(More)
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