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We present some detail of the waveguide probe and SIS mixer chip designs for a low-noise 180−300 GHz double-sideband receiver with an instantaneous RF bandwidth of 24 GHz. The receiver's single SIS junction is excited by a broadband, fixed-tuned waveguide probe on a silicon substrate. The IF output is coupled to a 6−18 GHz MMIC low-noise preamplifier.(More)
An efficient method for the synthesis of N,N-bis(phenacyl)anilines was developed via smooth condensation of anilines with a-bromoacetophenones in the presence of sodium carbonate as acid acceptor and poly-ethylene glycol 400 (PEG 400) as catalyst at room temperature under solvent-free conditions by using 350 W ultrasound irradiation. In addition to(More)
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