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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of mild hypothermia and minimally invasive evacuation of hematoma on the brain function of patients with cerebral hemorrhage. Seventy-six patients with acute cerebral hemorrhage were divided into the minimally invasive evacuation of hematoma (MIHE) and mild hypothermia and minimally invasive evacuation of(More)
OBJECTIVE Discussed the protection of taxane-derived compounds, 7-deacetyl-taxine B and 5-cinnamoyloxy-taxin B, against oxidative stress injury. METHODS SK-N-SH cells were pretreated with 7-deacetyl-taxine B, 5-cinnamoyloxy-taxin B or DMSO (control) and then incubated with H2O2 for another 24 h. Cell viability was measured by MTT colorimetric assay.(More)
  • Shi Tang, Weiwei Huang, +9 authors Jiyou Tang
  • Peptides
  • 2017
Orexins, also known as hypocretins, play a regulatory role in the sleep-wake cycle by activating orexin receptors. Previous animal studies have shown that sleep deprivation can elevate orexinergic peptide levels. However, the relationship between insomnia disorder and orexin-A levels in humans has not been explored. In the current study, we examined plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Herpes zoster infection and stroke are highly prevalent in the general population; however, reports have presented inconsistent findings regarding the relationship between herpes zoster infection and stroke. In this meta-analysis, we aimed to clarify this association. MATERIAL AND METHODS The PubMed and Embase databases were searched for(More)
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