Ruirong Zhang

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Fibre supercapacitors were designed and manufactured using a dip coating method. Their electrochemical properties were characterised using a VersaSTAT 3 workstation. Chinese ink with a fine dispersion of carbon and binder was coated as the electrode material. The specific capacitance per unit length of a copper fibre supercapacitor with the length of 41 cm(More)
Fibre supercapacitors were manufactured using a motor-driven setup. Their electrochemical properties were characterised. The performance of two fibre supercapacitors in series or in parallel mainly followed the expected theoretical models. The electrochemical potential window of a series circuit of two fibre supercapacitors is 1.6 V, which is twice of the(More)
Flexible strip supercapacitors were developed and their electrochemical properties were characterised. Activated carbon was used as the electrode material and it showed a good porous structure which provided a large surface area for energy storage. Furthermore, this activated carbon showed a good rate performance. The manufacturing processes for the(More)
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