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Previous studies had demonstrated that, in the cat, aggression is mediated by glutamatergic neurons in the anterior medial hypothalamus which project to the periaqueductal gray. Additionally, NK(1) receptor activation in the medial hypothalamus plays a role in the regulation of aggressive behavior by the medial amygdala. In the present study, in situ(More)
To elucidate the effect of the polyphenols contained in alcoholic beverages on the metabolic stress induced by ethanol consumption, four groups of mice were fed for five weeks on Lieber's diet with or without ethanol, with ethanol plus ellagic acid, and with ethanol plus trans-resveratrol. Alcoholic fatty liver was observed in the group fed the ethanol diet(More)
Recent behavioral studies using pharmacological techniques have demonstrated that the high affinity substance P (SP) receptor, neurokinin-1 receptor (NK-1), in the medial hypothalamus could be important in mediating defensive rage behavior in the cat. These observations prompted us to use molecular techniques to determine the distribution of NK-1 in the(More)
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