Ruiqi Wu

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The neural activities of the olfactory bulb (OB) can be modulated significantly by internal brain states. While blood oxygenation level dependent functional MRI (BOLD-fMRI) has been extensively applied to study OB in small animals, the relationship between BOLD signals and electrophysiological signals remains to be elucidated. Our recent study has revealed(More)
The direct detection of neuronal electrical activity is one of the most challenging goals in non-BOLD fMRI research. Previous work has demonstrated its feasibility in phantom and cell culture studies, but attempts in in vivo studies remain few and far between. Most recent in vivo studies used T2*-weighted sequences to directly detect neuronal electrical(More)
To compose some happy melodies which have hierarchical structures, this paper proposes an automatic melody composition algorithm based on relations. First, various types of melody structure are formalized and saved into a database, so the melody structure form preferred by a user can be elected by human-computer interaction. Second, some sequences of(More)
Blood oxygenation level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging (BOLD-fMRI), one of the most powerful technologies in neuroscience, measures neural activity indirectly. Therefore, systematic correlation of BOLD signals with other neural activity measurements is critical to understanding and then using the technology. Numerous studies have revealed(More)
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