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Parcellating Cortical Functional Networks in Individuals
The capacity to identify the unique functional architecture of an individual's brain is a crucial step toward personalized medicine and understanding the neural basis of variation in human cognitionExpand
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Abnormalities in hemispheric specialization of caudate nucleus connectivity in schizophrenia.
IMPORTANCE Hemispheric specialization of the human brain is a marker of successful neurodevelopment. Altered brain asymmetry that has been repeatedly reported in schizophrenia may representExpand
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Identifying Shared Brain Networks in Individuals by Decoupling Functional and Anatomical Variability.
The connectivity architecture of the human brain varies across individuals. Mapping functional anatomy at the individual level is challenging, but critical for basic neuroscience research andExpand
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Reliability correction for functional connectivity: Theory and implementation
Network properties can be estimated using functional connectivity MRI (fcMRI). However, regional variation of the fMRI signal causes systematic biases in network estimates including correlationExpand
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Brain-Gut Axis Modulation of Acupuncture in Functional Dyspepsia: A Preliminary Resting-State fcMRI Study
Objective. To explore acupuncture effects on brain functional connectivity in patients with functional dyspepsia (FD). Methods. Eight patients in an acupuncture treatment group and ten healthy adultsExpand
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Mineralogical characterization of ambient fine/ultrafine particles emitted from Xuanwei C1 coal combustion
Abstract Nano-quartz in Xuanwei coal, the uppermost Permian (C1) coal deposited in the northwest of Yuanan, China, has been regarded as one of factors which caused high lung cancer incidence in theExpand
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Patterns of motor recovery and structural neuroplasticity after striatal infarcts.
OBJECTIVE To elucidate the timeframe and spatial patterns of cortical reorganization after different stroke-induced basal ganglia lesions, we measured cortical thickness at five timepoints over aExpand