Ruiming Yang

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—This paper exploits recent developments in sparse approximation and compressed sensing to efficiently perform the direction finding. The new method is proposed based on unimodal characteristic of antenna pattern and sparse property of received data. Unlike the conventional methods based peak-searching and symmetric constraint, the sparse reconstruction(More)
—Since most components of sparse multi-path channel (SMPC) are zero, impulse response of SMPC can be recovered from a short training sequence. Though the ordinary orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm provides a very fast implementation of SMPC estimation, it suffers from inter-atom interference (IAI), especially in the case of SMPC with a large delay(More)
—The feasibility of sparse signal reconstruction depends heavily on the inter-atom interference of redundant dictionary. In this paper, a semi-blindly weighted minimum variance distortionless response (SBWMVDR) is proposed to mitigate the inter-atom interference. Examples of direction of arrival estimation are presented to show that the orthogonal match(More)
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