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Inductors are essential components of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). While the active devices in RF systems downscale steadily, inductors have not been able to keep up with the pace of continual miniaturization because of the trade-off between size and performance as well as fabrication complexity. Strain-induced self-rolled-up nanotechnology(More)
Composite right/left-handed (CRLH) transmission line structures based on the folded substrate integrated waveguide (FSIW) are presented and discussed in this paper. This FSIW-based CRLH (FSIW-CRLH) transmission line exhibits much lower cut-off frequencies as compared to the ordinary FSIW of the same footprint, and furthermore, it requires only one-half(More)
Accurate modeling of electrothermal effects of GaN electronic devices is critical for reliability design and assessment. In this paper, an electrothermal model for large signal equivalent circuit modeling of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs including self-heating and ambient temperature effects is presented. To accurately describe the effect of ambient temperature, two(More)
A new coaxial-to-stripline transition based on low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) is proposed and experimentally verified. An additional multilayer dielectric cavity is embedded in the LTCC substrate to improve the impedance and field matching and therefore achieve a wide bandwidth. The measurement results for a back-to-back structure show an a return(More)
In this paper, a novel broadband 3 dB directional coupler with very flat coupling based on bridged parallel plate dielectric waveguide (PPDW) is proposed and demonstrated. In the uniform coupling section, a bridge structure between the two PPDWs is employed to obtain accurate coupling value and achieve a broadband coupling. It is found that this new type of(More)
In this paper, transmission characteristics of the fundamental mode (TE(10(12))) of Parallel-Plate Dielectric Waveguide (PPDW) at 0.4-1.0 THz (1 THz = 10(12) Hz) are studied. The investigation results show PPDW with virtually low attenuation and remarkable simple structure is a promising candidate as THz transmission medium. Then, a novel broadband coaxial(More)
This paper explores the RF property of new low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC). The permittivity of the fired tape is confirmed by stripline ring resonator method. The transmission performance of stripline is characterized by multi-line calibration procedures. Measured scatter parameters of two transmission lines with different lengths are used to(More)
Multidimensional Cauchy approximation is adapted in modeling process to characterize the RF performance of the low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) interconnection structure. The Cauchy approximation function forms a surrogate to express the input and output mapping relation. The parameters of the multi-dimensional Cauchy rational polynomial can be(More)