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The E8 gene is expressed at a high level during fruit ripening, and is transcriptionally activated by ethylene. We have identified a 428 bp fragment of the E8 5'-flanking region, from -1528 to -1100, that makes a minimal 35S promoter responsive to ethylene. This fragment confers ethylene-responsiveness only in the 5';-to-3'; orientation; in the reverse(More)
E4 gene transcription is controlled by ethylene during tomato fruit ripening. To define the ethylene-responsive promoter elements, we have tested the activity of mutations of the E4 promoter, and of chimeric genes in transient assay. Using a set of linker scan mutations of the region from -160 to -91, we determined that sequences located between -150 and(More)
Tumour microenvironment is recognized as a major determinant of intrinsic resistance to anticancer therapies. In solid tumour types, such as breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, stromal components provide a fibrotic niche, which promotes stemness, EMT, chemo- and radio-resistance of tumour. However, this microenvironment is not recapitulated in(More)
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