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Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC), the most influential framework for software defect classification and analysis, provides valuable in-process feedback to system development and maintenance. Conducting ODC classification on existing organizational defect reports is human intensive and requires experts' knowledge of both ODC and system domains. This(More)
In recent years, more organizations began to address usability problems to improve their competitive position and foster customer loyalty. Although there are some classification schemes to address usability problems, there is no cause-effect framework to enable in-process usability feedback and improvement. Orthogonal defect classification (ODC) had been(More)
Software requirement analysis is an essential step in software development process, which defines what is to be built in a project. Requirements are mostly written in text and will later evolve to fine-grained and actionable artifacts with details about system configurations, technology stacks, etc. Tracing the evolution of requirements enables stakeholders(More)
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