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Under near-physiological pH, temperature, and ionic strength, a kinetics constant composition (CC) method was used to examine the roles of phosphorylation of a 14 amino acid segment (DDVDDTDDSHQSDE) corresponding to potential crystal binding domains within the osteopontin (OPN) sequence. The phosphorylated 14-mer OPN peptide segment significantly inhibits(More)
Nano-hydroxyapatite (nano-HAP) may be a better candidate for an apatite substitute of bone in biomedical applications than micro-sized hydroxyapatite (m-HAP). However, size control is always difficult when synthesizing well-defined nano-HAP particles. In this study, nano-HAP particles with diameters of approximately 20nm (np20) and approximately 80nm (np80)(More)
Phase transformation is an important strategy in biomineralization. However, the role of biomolecules in the mineral transition is poorly understood despite the fact that the biomineralization society greatly highlights the organic controls in the formation of the inorganic phase. Here, we report an induced biomimetic phase transformation from brushite (a(More)
The development of vaccines against infectious diseases represents one of the most important contributions to medical science. However, vaccine-preventable diseases still cause millions of deaths each year due to the thermal instability and poor efficacy of vaccines. Using the human enterovirus type 71 vaccine strain as a model, we suggest a combined,(More)
The in vivo formation of calcium oxalate concretions having calcium phosphate nidi is simulated in an in vitro (37 degrees C, pH 6.0) dual constant composition (DCC) system undersaturated (sigma DCPD = -0.330) with respect to brushite (DCPD, CaHPO 4 . 2H 2O) and slightly supersaturated (sigma COM = 0.328) with respect to calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM,(More)
Osteosarcoma is a primary malignant bone tumor, most prevalent in children and adolescents, and is usually highly aggressive and eventually lethal. Despite multimodal therapies, there is no effective approach to treat this malignant disease. In this study, we observed the biological response of osteosarcoma cells to two kinds of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles(More)
As the outermost layer, enamel is susceptible to caries due to the products of bacteria metabolism or acidic foods. [ 4 ] It is critically serious that the enamel damage is permanent. [ 4 ] Different form the synthesized apatite phase, enamel is uniquely composed of highly elongated and organized apatite rods and bundles. During enamel generation, the(More)
Coculturing scaffolds with seeded cells in vitro is an indispensable process for construction of engineered tissues. It is essential to understand effects of the constituent particles of scaffold on seeded cells. In this study, we investigated the influence of nano-sized hydroxyapatite (nHAP) particles on the proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of(More)
Current treatment of fractures often involves the use of bone graft or bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) to induce fracture healing, especially in patients with a compromised healing capacity. BMP has to be delivered in conjunction with a carrier. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks and limitations with current carriers, including their bovine origin which(More)
The dissolution kinetics of human tooth enamel surfaces was investigated using nanomolar-sensitive constant composition (CC) and in situ atomic force microscopy (AFM) under simulated caries formation conditions (relative undersaturation with respect to hydroxyapatite = 0.902, pH = 4.5). Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) examination of the resulting etched(More)