Ruiju Huang

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Transmitting and receiving properties of ultrasonic piezoelectric crystal transducers that directly affect the measured output voltage in an ultrasonic measurement system are described. These transducer properties are the transducer's electrical impedance and sensitivity, the transducer's radiation impedance, and the transducer's effective parameters(More)
This work characterizes the electrical and electromechanical aspects of an ultrasonic linear phased array inspection system, using a matrix of system functions that are obtained from the measured response of individual array elements in a simple reference experiment. It is shown that for the arrays tested all these system functions are essentially(More)
A new transducer beam model, called a multi-Gaussian array beam model, is developed to simulate the wave fields radiated by ultrasonic phased-array transducers. This new model overcomes the restrictions on using ordinary multi-Gaussian beam models developed for large single-element transducers in phased-array applications. It is demonstrated that this new(More)
Computer models are often used to simulate ultrasonic inspections of industrial components. One ingredient of such simulations is a frequency dependent function which describes the efficiency of the inspection system for converting electrical energy to sound and vice versa. For a phased-array transducer there are many such efficiency functions, namely one(More)
It has recently been demonstrated that the Born approximation for predicting the scattering response of flaws can be improved through the use of simple modifications called the "doubly distorted Born approximation". In this paper the doubly distorted Born approximation itself is modified with phase and amplitude corrections that further improve the Born(More)
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