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—This paper focuses on how to retrieve personalized multimedia information based on user interest which can be mined from user profile. After analyzing the related works, a general structure of the personalized multimedia information retrieval system is given, which combines online module and offline module. Firstly, we collect a large-sale of photos from(More)
The high reactivity of 6π-electrocyclization in polar solvents has remained one of the important challenges for diarylethenes because of the emergence of a twisted intramolecular charge transfer (TICT) state at the excited state in such polar media, which usually quenches the photocyclization reaction. Herein we report on the preparation and highly(More)
A series of highly sensitive neutral photoacid generators (PAGs) based on photochromic terarylenes was prepared. Like the example presented herein, these compounds show a subsequent thermal elimination of a Brønsted acid after a light-triggered 6π-electrocyclization, concomitant with the hexatriene aromatization. A novel type of molecular systems was(More)
We herein propose a new type of efficient neutral photoacid generator. A photoinduced 6π-electrocyclization reaction of photochromic triangle terarylenes triggers subsequent release of a Brønsted acid, which took place from the photocyclized form. A H-atom and its conjugate base were introduced at both sides of a 6π-system to form the self-contained(More)
In this paper, we present a novel concept for "smarter" photolabile organic compounds combining not one but two caged functions. As proof of principle, this diarylethene-based compound possesses two inhibited chemical groups (OMe and OAc) and its efficient release in different solvents is reported. In low- to medium-polarity media, both MeOH and AcOH are(More)
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