Ruihong Yang

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The precursor formamide 1 was employed instead of the monomer 2 because isocyanides are relatively unstable in air at room temperature. [19] a) [20] Molecular modeling shows that (in common with the phenyl benzo-ate compounds previously described [17]) an angle exists between the planar phenoxy and TTF ring systems. [21] The oxidation of the polymer was(More)
Current information technology relies on two independent processes: charge-based information processing (microprocessors) and spin-based data storage (magnetic hard drives). The prospect of simultaneously manipulating both charge and spin in a single semiconductor medium is provided by the exciting area of spintronics. Among many others, diluted magnetic(More)
Blood selenium concentrations in 111 nasopharyngeal cancer patients and 56 normal subjects were determined using a modified 2,3-diamino naphthalene fluorometric method. Cancer subjects in this study were divided into two groups and blood Se levels (mean +/- SD) were 0.105 +/- 0.024 for untreated cases, 0.113 +/- 0.034 for those who had received treatment,(More)
Through a variety of material screening experiments, Al was selected as the added metal and constituted a multiple micro-electrolysis system of Fe/C/Al. The metal proportion of alloy-structured filler was also analyzed with the best Fe/C/Al ratio of 3:1:1. The regular Fe/C/Al multiple micro-electrolysis fillers were prepared using a high-temperature(More)
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