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A transdermal drug delivery system was prepared by high methoxyl pectin (HMP) or low methoxyl pectin (LMP) coated vitamin C liposomes. HMP coated vitamin C liposomes (HMP-L) and LMP coated vitamin C liposomes (LMP-L) exhibited an increase in average diameter (from 66.9 nm to 117.3 nm and 129.6 nm, respectively), a decrease in zeta potential (from -2.3 mV to(More)
Eugenol is a major phenolic component with diverse biological activities. However, it is difficult to formulate into an aqueous solution due to poor water solubility, and this limits its application. In the present study, eugenol nanoliposomes (EN) were prepared by combining the ethanol injection method with the dynamic high-pressure microfluidization(More)
Previous studies have shown that multivesicular bodies (MVBs)/endosomes-mediated vesicular trafficking may play key roles in plant immunity and cell death. However, the molecular regulation is poorly understood in rice. Here we report the identification and characterization of a MVBs-localized AAA ATPase LRD6-6 in rice. Disruption of LRD6-6 leads to(More)
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