Ruifeng Wang

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We investigate multiuser signal detection with a base-station antenna array for a synchronous CDMA uplink using non-orthogonal codes in Rayleigh fading channels. We have developed a new formulation for a spatial-temporal decorrelating detector using the maximum-likelihood criteria. The detector is shown to be near-far resistant. We propose to implement the(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to measure the bilateral differences of facial lines in spherical coordinates from faces within a normal range of asymmetry utilizing cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). MATERIALS AND METHODS CBCT scans from 22 females with normal symmetric-looking faces (mean age 24 years and 8 months) were selected for the study. The average(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to compare asymmetric mandibular prognathism individuals with symmetric mandibular prognathism individuals using a new alternate spherical coordinate system. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study consisted of 47 computed tomographic images of patients with mandibular prognathism. The patients were classified into symmetric(More)
| We investigate multiuser signal detection with a base-station antenna array for synchronous CDMA Rayleigh fading uplink channels. We have developed a discrete-time model that enables the formulation of a spatial-temporal decorrelating detector using the maximum-likelihood criterion. The detector is shown to be near-far resistant. We further propose to(More)
Oxygen inhalation has been shown to increase oxygen supply to tissues after cerebral ischemia/ reperfusion injury, protecting injured neural cells. However, hyperbaric oxygen may aggravate oxidative stress. By contrast, normobaric oxygen has the rapid and non-invasive characteristics and may have therapeutic effects on ischemic/hypoxic disease. Rats inhaled(More)
  • Ruifeng Wang, S G Akl, N C Beaulieu, J C Cartledge, Falconer
  • 1999
Among multi-access communications techniques, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is interference-limited. Conventional single-user receivers suuer from the near-far problem in CDMA cellular communications systems. One method to suppress multi-access interference is digital beamforming by using base-station antenna arrays. However, using beamforming alone(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Achalasia patients would feel exacerbated dysphagia, chest pain and regurgitation when they drink cold beverages or eat cold food. But these symptoms would relieve when they drink hot water. Reasons are unknown. METHODS Twelve achalasia patients (mean age, 34 ± 10 years; F:M, 3:9) who never had any invasive therapies were chosen from(More)
Decreased total testosterone (TT) is the recommended metric to identify age-related hypogonadism. However, average TT and the extent to which it varies by age, can vary substantially among different populations. Population-specific reference ranges are needed to understand normal versus abnormal TT levels. Therefore, the goal for this study was to describe(More)
This paper states that the induced charge should not be neglected in the electric Aharonov-Bohm (A-B) effect. If the induced charge is taken into account, the interference pattern of the moving charge will not change with the potential difference between the two metal tubes. It means that the scalar potential itself can not affect the phase of the moving(More)