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Proteomic analysis of laticifer latex in Hevea brasiliensis has been received more significant attentions. However, the sticky and viscous characteristic of rubber latex as cytoplasm of laticifer cells and the complication of laticifer latex membrane systems has made it challenge to isolate high-quality proteins for 2-DE and MS. Based on the reported(More)
Physical-layer security could efficiently prevent wiretapping for wireless communication from the information-theoretic perspective. However, most related works in this area are based on the assumption of Gaussian inputs, which are impractical for a practical communication system. In this paper, we study the physical-layer security with finite-alphabet(More)
This paper introduced a new structure of MRI guided P-HIFU therapy system and software implementation based on the current P-HIFU system and interface provided by MRI vendor. The tests showed that the system's software can achieve the appropriate form of treatment need.
Coverage enhancement and low complexity are quite important aspects to support and broaden the application of machine type communication (MTC) in long term evolution (LTE). Repeating the same data across multiple subframes is widely considered as basic solution to improve the coverage. Low complexity target is mainly achieved by reducing the supported(More)
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