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In this work, porous TiO 2 hollow spheres with an average diameter of 100 nm and shell thickness of 20 nm were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method with NH 4 HCO 3 as the structure-directing agent, and the formation mechanism for this porous hollow structure was proved to be the Ostwald ripening process by tracking the morphology of the products at(More)
By making use of the temporal correlations of video sequences, a novel algorithm for video smoothness evaluation is proposed, which reflects the impact of frame loss on perceived visual quality. This metric particularly aims at measuring the perpetual quality degradation caused by video temporal fluctuations, based on the phenomenon that human visual(More)
Degradation of hexazinone has been investigated by means of photocatalysis of mixed-phase crystal nano-TiO(2). Influences of adsorption, amount of nano-TiO(2), pH and irradiation time on the photocatalytic process are studied. Results show that hexazinone is totally degraded within 40min of irradiation under pH neutral conditions. This compares favorably(More)
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