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The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as one of the major trends for the next evolution of the Internet, where billions of physical objects or things (including but not limited to humans) will be connected over the Internet, and a vast amount of information data will be shared among them. However, the current Internet was built on a host-centric(More)
To develop and evaluate diverse ICN protocols and applications, large-scale and extensible testbeds that facilitate realistic evaluations must be designed and deployed. We propose a container-based unified testbed for ICN, called CUTEi, which employs the Linux container lightweight virtualization mechanism to build testbed nodes. CUTEi enables testbed users(More)
The accommodation of growing tussles among different communities and the efficient and robust information dissemination in cyberspace have become crucial challenges for future network design, while the current Internet is ossified into the principle of end-to-end communications. To satisfy these challenges, in this paper we devise a community-oriented route(More)
Free-rider problem greatly influences the performance of unstructured networks (like ad hoc or peer-to-peer networks). To solve such problem, we focus on trust management framework, which is intended to stimulate nodes to cooperate with each other and prevent free-riders. Currently, the existing trust management framework can be classified into trust(More)