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Spatial relationships between objects provide important information for text-based image retrieval. As users are more likely to describe a scene from a real world perspective , using 3D spatial relationships rather than 2D relationships that assume a particular viewing direction, one of the main challenges is to infer the 3D structure that bridges images(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of multiuser (MU) scheduling in a MU-MIMO system with imperfect channel state information (CSI) feedback. The CSI feedback for scheduling is considered as a channel direction quantization with feedback delay effect. Inspired by the conventional zero-forcing (ZF) based user scheduling, we present an improved user selection(More)
Overview Biological disciplines play a significant role for the protection and welfare of all living species. Hence, basic knowledge about the diversity of life forms, as well as their conservation and exploitation, is of great importance. In fact, during the last century, biology has become a fundamental part of the curriculum in high schools. With the(More)
We investigate the reasons why context in object detection has limited utility by isolating and evaluating the predictive power of different context cues under ideal conditions in which context provided by an oracle. Based on this study, we propose a region-based context re-scoring method with dynamic context selection to remove noise and emphasize(More)
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