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The functional longevity of cryopreserved ovarian grafts is one of the most challenging questions regarding ovarian transplantation at present. This study used a rat ovarian grafting model to investigate whether ovarian tissues from adult rats, which had been cryopreserved by vitrification and followed by heterotopic transplantation, could establish(More)
Cross-species somatic all number transfer (SCNT) provides a potential solution to overcome the problem of oocyte shortage for therapeutic cloning. To further characterize the system, we constructed cytoplasm hybrid embryos between bovine oocytes and human fibroblasts and examined dynamics of human gene activation during preimplantation stages. Data from(More)
With the coming era of big data and the rapid development and widespread applications of Geographical Information Systems (GISs), geocoding technology is playing an increasingly important role in bridging the gap between non-spatial data resources and spatial data in various fields. However, Chinese geocoding faces great challenges because of the complexity(More)
The main information of image focus in the target area, and the rest part contains a large amount of redundancy. The image segmentation is an important technology in image processing. This paper presents an improved rough set image segmentation algorithm, which is based on the theory of fuzzy C-means clustering, the human visual attention model and relative(More)
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