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To understand the molecular evolution of mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomes) in the genus Odontobutis, the mitogenome of Odontobutis yaluensis was sequenced and compared with those of another four Odontobutis species. Our results displayed similar mitogenome features among species in genome organization, base composition, codon usage, and gene(More)
Strong coupling between discrete phonon and continuous electron-hole pair excitations can induce a pronounced asymmetry in the phonon line shape, known as the Fano resonance. This effect has been observed in various systems. Here we reveal explicit evidence for strong coupling between an infrared-active phonon and electronic transitions near the Weyl points(More)
The wheat avenin-like proteins (ALP) are considered atypical gluten constituents and have shown positive effects on dough properties revealed using a transgenic approach. However, to date the genetic architecture of ALP genes is unclear, making it impossible to be utilized in wheat breeding. In the current study, three genes of type-b ALPs were identified(More)
Odontobutis sinensis is an indigenous freshwater fish in China. The wild population size of this species has declined sharply in inland waters in recent years. For the purpose of the conservation of natural resources of O. sinensis, 14 polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized in 30 individuals collected from Liangzi Lake in Hubei(More)
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