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Based on a low-temperature route, monodi-spersed CoFe 2 O 4 microspheres (MSs) were fabricated through aggregation of primary nanoparticles. The micro-structural and magnetic characteristics of the as-prepared MSs were characterized by X-ray diffraction/photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning/transmitting electron microscopy, and vibrating sample magnetometer.(More)
The effects of foliar spray of putrescine (Put; 8 mM) on chlorophyll (Chl) metabolism and xanthophyll cycle in cucumber seedlings were investigated under saline conditions of 75 mM NaCl. Exogenous Put promoted the conversion of uroporhyrinogen III to protoporphyrin IX and alleviated decreases in Chl contents and in a size of the xanthophyll cycle pool under(More)
The atmospheric refractive index consists of both real and imaginary parts. The intensity of refractive index fluctuations is generally expressed as the refractive index structure parameter, with the real part reflecting the strength of atmospheric turbulence and the imaginary part reflecting absorption in the light path. A large aperture scintillometer(More)
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