Rui-yu Liang

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Propose a wavelet neural network (WNN) sound source model based on Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA). Utilize frog leaping algorithm to optimize weights and thresholds of WNN, obtain initial weights and thresholds possessing certain ergodicity and then train WNN. It overcomes disadvantages of neural network that has slower searching speed and easily(More)
Based on the defects detection on the surface of the copper strips, this paper firstly studies how to enhance system stability with the multi-sensors information fusion method. This method combines infrared, visible light and laser sensors to deal with defects detection, utilizes fuzzy logic and neural network to carry on the sensor’s management, and uses(More)
To improve the accuracy of phoneme recognition in continuous speech recognition, a new method based on the deep belief network which can extract the posterior probability of phonemeis proposed. Firstly, a deep belief network is pre-trained layer by layer with Restricted Boltzmann Machine, then by adding an output layer called "softmax" to the(More)
The difficulty of speech comprehension under background noise greatly influenced the use of hearing aids. To address this problem, this paper proposes a new hearing aids algorithm based on speech recognition and synthesis. This method is based on the pure speech to build a parameters database. Under the real noisy scene, implement speech recognition for the(More)
A new alkaloid named N-(3-aminopropyl)subergorgamide (1), along with nine known nitrogen-containing compounds (2-10), was isolated from the organic extract of gorgonian Paraplexaura sp. collected from Zhanjiang in Naozhou Island, South China Sea. Their structures were established by detailed MS and NMR spectroscopic analyses, as well as by comparison with(More)
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