Rui-lian Jing

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Genetic analyses of nine traits associated with stem water-soluble carbohydrate (SWSC) accumulation and remobilization at grain-filling period under drought stress (DS) and well-watered (WW) conditions were undertaken using doubled haploid lines (DHLs) derived from two Chinese common wheat cultivars. Some significantly and very significantly positive(More)
Calreticulin (CRT) is a key Ca2+-binding protein mainly resident in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), which is highly conserved and extensively expressed in all eukaryotic organisms investigated. The protein plays important roles in a variety of cellular processes including Ca2+ signaling and protein folding. Although calreticulin has been well characterized(More)
A full-length cDNA denominated PvP5CS for Delta(1)-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase (P5CS), an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of proline, was cloned from common bean using a candidate gene approach. PvP5CS contains an open reading frame encoding a 716 amino acid polypeptide. Sequence analysis showed that PvP5CS shares 95.1% homology in nucleotide(More)
Calreticulin (CRT) is a highly conserved and ubiquitously expressed Ca(2+)-binding protein in multicellular eukaryotes. CRT plays a crucial role in many cellular processes including Ca(2+) storage and release, protein synthesis, and molecular chaperone activity. To elucidate the function of CRTs in plant responses against drought, a main abiotic stress(More)
UNLABELLED Receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) may be involved in the pathogenesis of cancer progression. Pathological effects mediated via RAGE are physiologically inhibited by soluble RAGE (sRAGE). The aim of this study was to identify sRAGE and RAGE expression profile in lung cancer patients. An ELISA method was used to quantify serum(More)
Plant cysteine protease (CP) genes are induced by abiotic stresses such as drought, yet their functions remain largely unknown. We isolated the full-length cDNA encoding a Triticum aestivum CP gene, designated TaCP, from wheat by the rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) method. Sequence analysis revealed that TaCP contains an open reading frame encoding(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate mammalian gene expression by targeting mRNAs and have key roles in several cellular processes, including differentiation, development, apoptosis and cancer pathomechanisms. Our previous studies have confirmed that a proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL) gene is overexpressed in colorectal cancer (CRC) tumors and SW480 cells. To(More)
Taking one hundred and fifty doubled haploid (DH) lines of winter wheat cultivars Hanxuan 10 x Lumai 14 as well as their parents as test materials, the genetic bases of top three leaves length, breadth, and angle at mid-filling stage, and their correlations with yield traits were studied under two water regimes rainfed (drought stress, DS) and(More)
Chinese river dolphin's (Lipotes vexillifer) underwater acoustic signals can be divided into two classes, short-duration signal (pulse train or single pulses) and long-duration signal (whistle). In this paper, time waveforms of these signals are presented and the characteristics of the signals are discussed. The experimental results on this dolphin's(More)
Taking thirty-seven hexaploid wheat (AABBDD) accessions with different drought resistance at seedling stage, three wheat species with A genome (AA), and three tetraploid wheat species (AABB) as test materials, and by direct sequencing the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in TaCRT-A, this paper analyzed the relationships of the SNP with the drought(More)