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The CNC-basic leucine zipper (CNC-bZIP) family is a subfamily of bZIP proteins identified from independent searches for factors that bind the AP-1-like cis-elements in the beta-globin locus control region. Three members, p45-Nf-e2, Nrf-1 and Nrf-2 have been identified in mammals. Expression of p45-Nf-e2 is largely restricted to hematopoietic cells while(More)
Salinity is one of the major abiotic stresses that affect crop productivity. Identification of the potential novel genes responsible for salt tolerance in barley will contribute to understanding the molecular mechanism of barley responses to salt stress. We compared changes in transcriptome between Hua 11 (a salt-tolerant genotype) and Hua 30 (a salt(More)
Understanding how crops respond to limited nitrogen supply is essential to develop new ways of manipulating genes for breeding new crop cultivars or lines with high nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). However, little is known about the differences among barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes in their responses to N starvation and subsequent N re-supply. In this(More)
To establish a high-efficiency system of isolated microspore culture for different barley genotypes, we investigated the effects of nitrogen sources and concentrations on callus induction and plant regeneration in different barley genotypes. The results showed that the organic nitrogen sources greatly increased the callus induction, and the great reduction(More)
Transcriptome analysis of barley embryogenic callus from isolated microspore culture under salt stress uncovered a role of translation inhibition and selective activation of stress-specific proteins in cellular defense. Soil salinity is one of the major abiotic stresses which constrains the plant growth and reduces the productivity of field crops. In this(More)
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