Rui-hua Han

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PCR-SSCP technology was used to analyze the correlation of polymorphisms IGF2 (Insulin-like growth factor) gene with carcass and meat quality traits in 186 Qinchuan cattle at the age of 24-month. C-->T mutation in 120 and A-->G mutation in 279 of IGF2 gene. Statistical analysis indicated that Qinchuan cattle with genotype BB and DD had significant(More)
A new type of tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer is proposed in this study. It consists of a seismic mass and four cantilever beams that is distributed in a shape of X. Analytical model and FEM analysis were conducted to study its charge sensitivity and the fundamental/first order resonance frequency in the Z-axis, X-axis and Y-axis direction. The errors(More)
A piezoelectric accelerometer based on bulk micromachining was presented in this paper. It is composed of a mass block and four cantilever beams with PZT piezoelectric thin films for detection deposited on cantilever beams. In order to realize the multi-axis detection with a single mass block, beam deformations due to the acceleration in X, Y, Z-axis(More)
Objective: To explore the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy, we analyzed the indexes of gestational thyroid function in Jinan Maternity and Child Care Centers of China’s Shandong province, and set up the reference range of pregnant thyroid function. Methods: 2669 cases of pregnant women were collect between January 2013 and December 2013 in(More)
A piezoelectric accelerometer based on d33 mode was studied in this work. It is comprised of multiple cantilever beams to support a central seismic mass. The piezoelectric PZT thin films and interdigital (IDT) electrodes are designed to be deposited on the surface of beams. The PZT thin film was in-plane polarized and worked in d33 mode. The accelerometer(More)
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