Rui-fan Tang

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2563 Background: The purpose of our study was to compare how effectively RECIST 1.1 captures lymph node disease and treatment response in advanced prostate cancer compared to RECIST 1.0 based on "per lymph node" (LN) analysis Methods: 30 study group pts (med. 69 yrs, PSA 55.55 (0.06 - 2625) ng/ml, Gleason 8) are part of an ongoing prospective clinical(More)
e15191 Background: CRPC remains a fatal disease but with improved survival based on the development of novel agents. These developments now allow for sequential therapies. We treated 20 patients in a phase II evaluation with Mitoxantrone (MTX) followed by docetaxel, estramustine, carboplatin (DEC). METHODS Pts with CRPC who progressed on or after prior(More)
e15196 Background: To evaluate the diagnostic utility of combined PET/CT imaging with 18F-NaF, 18F-FDG and circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in early detection and localization of metastatic disease in men with treated localized primary prostate cancer who present with biochemical failure (PSA relapse) and negative standard imaging tests. METHODS As part of(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop the technique of transvaginal gamete intrafallopian transfer (TV-GIFT) and to evaluate its effectiveness. METHODS From May, 1996 to October, 1997, 42 infertile patients with at least one tube patent, proven by hysterosalpingography were included. In 43 cycles, ovarian stimulation was performed by using follicle-stimulating hormone(More)
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