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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic pain condition characterized by pain during joint use as well as pain at rest (i.e., ongoing pain). Although injection of monosodium iodoacetate (MIA) into the intra-articular space of the rodent knee is a well established model of OA pain that is characterized by changes in weight bearing and hypersensitivity to tactile and(More)
The aim of this study is to establish an HPLC method for simultaneous determinations of mifepristone and its metabolites, mono-demethylated mifepristone, di-demethylated mifepristone and C-hydroxylated mifepristone in plasma and to evaluate the pharmacokinetic characteristics of mifepristone tablet. Twenty healthy female Chinese subjects were recruited and(More)
Substance P (SP), tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and serotonin inputs onto laryngeal motoneurons (LMNs) are known to exist, but the distribution of their terminals in the caudal nucleus ambiguus (NA), remains unclear. Using immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy, we assessed simultaneously the distribution of SP, TH, serotonin and synaptophysin(More)
A sensitive and selective liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric (LC-MS) method was developed and validated for the determination of Tramadol in human plasma and urine. The analyte was separated on a Diamonsil C18 column with ammonium acetate (5 mmol x L(-1))-methanol (50:50,v:v) adjusted PH by caustic soda at a flow rate of 0.8 ml min(-1), and(More)
A single dose of 3H-norcantharidin solution was intragastrically given, blood, tissues, urine and feces were collected as scheduled, and radioactivity in these samples was determined by tritium tracing method to investigate the pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and excretion of norcantharidin in Kunming mice. The pharmacokinetic characteristics of(More)
This study was designed to investigate the effect and mechanism of allicin on hyperhomocysteinemia-induced experimental vascular endothelial dysfunction in rats. Fifty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into five groups: the normal control rats (NC), the high-methionine-diet rats (Met), the high-methionine-diet rats treated with folic acid, vitaminB₆(More)
A sensitive, simple and selective high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method was developed and applied to the determination of norcantharidin concentration in human serum. Norcantharidin (NCTD) and cyclophosphamide (IS) in serum were extracted with acetone, separated on a C18 reversed-phase column, gradiently eluted with a mobile(More)
Many respiration-related interneurons and motoneurons receive a catecholaminergic input, but the extent and distribution of this input to recurrent laryngeal motoneurons that innervate intrinsic muscles of the larynx are not clear. In the present study, we examined the catecholaminergic input to expiratory laryngeal motoneurons in the caudal nucleus(More)
A highly sensitive, simple and selective high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) method was developed and applied to the determination of bergenin concentration in human plasma. Bergenin and the internal standard (IS) thiamphenicol in plasma were extracted with ethyl acetate, separated on a C(18 )reversed-phase column,(More)
The paper is aimed to investigate the pharmacokinetic (PK) and the pharmacodynamic (PD) properties of carvedilol using indirect response and effect-compartment link models, and compare the fitness of PK-PD models. Twenty male healthy Chinese volunteers received a single oral dose of 20 mg of carvedilol. The plasma concentrations of carvedilol were(More)