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OBJECT The relationship between the waveform of intracranial pressure (ICP) and arterial blood pressure can be quantitatively characterized using a newly developed technique in systems analysis, the time-varying transfer function. This technique considers the arterial blood pressure as an input signal composed of multiple frequencies represented in the(More)
In order to assess the possible time-varying properties of renal autoregulation, time-frequency and time-scaling methods were applied to renal blood flow under broad-band forced arterial blood pressure fluctuations and single-nephron renal blood flow with spontaneous oscillations obtained from normotensive (Sprague-Dawley, Wistar, and Long-Evans) rats, and(More)
The clinical problem of hydrocephalus, and its many associated paradoxes,5 has focused new attention on the nature of the pulsatile pressures and flows in the brain. The physiology of hydrocephalus may teach us about intracranial pressure and dynamics more generally, so it is difficult for any neurosurgeon to escape the implications of this seachange, which(More)
Establishment of a three-dimensional (3-D) culture and mechanical loading system which simulates the in vivo environment is critical in cytomechanical studies. The present article attempts to do this by integrating porous PLGA scaffolds with a four-point bending strain unit. Three types of PLGA scaffolds with three average pore sizes were synthesized, i.e.,(More)
We extend a recently developed time invariant (TIV) model order search criterion named the optimal parameter search algorithm (OPS) for identification of time varying (TV) autoregressive (AR) and autoregressive moving average (ARMA) models. Using the TV algorithm is facilitated by the fact that expanding each TV coefficient onto a finite set of basis(More)
For trauma and orthopedic surgery, maneuvering a mobile C-arm fluoroscope into a desired position to acquire an X-ray is a routine surgical task. The precision and ease of use of the C-arm becomes even more important for advanced interventional imaging techniques such as parallax-free X-ray image stitching. Today's standard mobile C-arms have been modeled(More)
We extend a recently developed algorithm that expands the time-varying parameters onto a single set of basis functions, to multiple sets of basis functions. This feature allows the capability to capture many different dynamics that may be inherent in the system. A single set of basis functions that has its own unique characteristics can best capture(More)
Lake Fuxian is the largest deep freshwater lake in China. Although its average water quality meets Class I of the China National Water Quality Standard (CNWQS), i.e., GB3838-2002, monitoring data indicate that the water quality approaches the Class II threshold in some areas. Thus it is urgent to reduce the watershed load through the total maximum daily(More)
Lake Yilong in Southwestern China has been under serious eutrophication threat during the past decades; however, the lake water remained clear until sudden sharp increase in Chlorophyll a (Chl a) and turbidity in 2009 without apparent change in external loading levels. To investigate the causes as well as examining the underlying mechanism, a(More)