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Existing research reports inconsistent findings with regard to the effect of color on cognitive task performances. Some research suggests that blue or green leads to better performances than red; other studies record the opposite. Current work reconciles this discrepancy. We demonstrate that red (versus blue) color induces primarily an avoidance (versus(More)
Current advances in molecular biology enable us to access the rapidly increasing body of genetic information. It is still challenging to model gene systems at the molecular level. Here, we propose two types of reaction kinetic models for constructing genetic networks. Time delays involved in transcription and translation are explicitly considered to explore(More)
A stochastic genetic toggle switch model that consists of two identical, mutually repressive genes is built using the Gillespie algorithm with time delays as an example of a simple stochastic gene regulatory network. The stochastic kinetics of this model is investigated, and it is found that the delays for the protein productions can highly weaken the(More)
To study noise in the number of protein molecules produced in gene expression, we use a delayed reaction model coupling transcription and translation to examine nine biochemical factors. Fourteen numerical experiments were performed, which show clearly the linear scaling behavior between the protein variance and the mean. We found that the most dominant(More)
SUMMARY Systematic studies of drug repositioning require the integration of multi-level drug data, including basic chemical information (such as SMILES), drug targets, target-related signaling pathways, clinical trial information and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approval information, to predict new potential indications of existing drugs. Currently(More)
We build a stochastic genetic toggle switch model using the Gillespie algorithm with time delays, as an example of a simple stochastic gene regulatory network. From this, we propose a practical modeling strategy for more complex gene regulatory networks with stochastic dynamics using the Gillespie algorithm. Here, genes interactions structure and transfer(More)
Changes in glycosylation have been shown to have a profound correlation with development/malignancy in many cancer types. Currently, two major enrichment techniques have been widely applied in glycoproteomics, namely, lectin affinity chromatography (LAC)-based and hydrazide chemistry (HC)-based enrichments. Here we report the LC-MS/MS quantitative analyses(More)