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Existing research reports inconsistent findings with regard to the effect of color on cognitive task performances. Some research suggests that blue or green leads to better performances than red; other studies record the opposite. Current work reconciles this discrepancy. We demonstrate that red (versus blue) color induces primarily an avoidance (versus(More)
This article demonstrates that variations in ceiling height can prime concepts that, in turn, affect how consumers process information. We theorized that when reasonably salient, a high versus low ceiling can prime the concepts of freedom versus confinement, respectively. These concepts, in turn, can prompt consumers' use of predominately relational versus(More)
When consumers shop, the flooring underfoot can prompt bodily sensations—a sense of comfort from soft carpeting or fatigue from hard tile flooring. Like moods, such bodily sensations may foster context effects on the products shoppers observe. However, whereas moods prompt only assimilation effects, we demonstrate that consumers' bodily sensations can(More)
The rumen content of four Yunnan Yellow Cattle (Bos taurs) were collected to determine the bacteria diversity by using 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis. A total of 129 sequences were examined and the sequences were referred as 107 OTU (Operational Taxonomy Unit) according to the similarity level of 97% in gene sequence. Similarity analysis revealed that(More)
Memantine hydrochloride is a first-line therapeutic drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the management of moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease (AD). We conducted a review of the literature to determine the changes to the central glutamatergic neurotransmitter system in dementia subtypes and the available clinical evidence regarding(More)
In this study, we employed chromatin immunoprecipitation, a useful method for studying the locations of transcription factors bound to specific DNA regions in specific cells, to investigate amyloid precursor protein intracellular domain binding sites in chromatin DNA from hippocampal neurons of rats, and to screen out five putative genes associated with the(More)
The authors thank the two anonymous JMR reviewers for their helpful comments. Music theory distinguishes between two types of meanings that music can impart: (1) embodied meaning, which is purely hedonic, context independent, and based on the degree of stimulation the musical sound affords, and (2) referential meaning, which is context dependent and(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is associated with reduced heart rate variability (HRV), a strong predictor of cardiovascular diseases, but the mechanism is not well understood. OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that PAHs might induce systemic inflammation and stress response, contributing to altered cardiac autonomic function. (More)
In purely bent ZnO microwires, the excitons can be effectively driven and concentrated by the elastic strain-gradient towards the tensile outer side of the purely bent wire. Experimental and theoretical approaches are combined to investigate the dynamics of excitons in an inhomogeneous strain field with a uniform elastic strain-gradient. Cathodoluminescence(More)