Rui-Zhu Zhang

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Mutations in the extracellular matrix molecule collagen VI underlie the congenital muscular dystrophy types Ullrich and Bethlem. Establishing the origin of collagen VI in muscle is important for understanding the pathophysiology of these diseases and for developing future treatment approaches involving cell-specific delivery. Because the cells that produce(More)
We have identified highly similar heterozygous COL6A1 genomic deletions, spanning from intron 8 to exon 13 or intron 13, in two patients with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy and the milder Bethlem myopathy. The 5' breakpoints of both deletions are located within a minisatellite in intron 8. The mutations cause in-frame deletions of 66 and 84 amino(More)
Fibulin-4 is an extracellular matrix glycoprotein essential for elastic fiber formation. Mice deficient in fibulin-4 die perinatally because of severe pulmonary and vascular defects associated with the lack of intact elastic fibers. Patients with fibulin-4 mutations demonstrate similar defects, and a significant number die shortly after birth or in early(More)
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