Rui Zhang

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Security and privacy are widely recognized as important requirements for access and management of Electronic Health Record (EHR) data. In this paper we argue that EHR data needs to be managed with customizable access control in both spatial and temporal dimensions. We present a role-based and time-bound access control model (RBTBAC) that provides more(More)
Querying over encrypted data is gaining increasing popularity in cloud-based data hosting services. Security and efficiency are recognized as two important and yet conflicting requirements for querying over encrypted data. In this article, we propose an efficient private keyword search (EPKS) scheme that supports binary search and extend it to dynamic(More)
—Outsource encrypted data is a popular trend for storing sensitive data in third party clouds. Many cloud applications need privacy preserving data encryption services with two capabilities: On one hand, they need querying over encrypted data in Web based data hosting services. On the other hand, they also need to keep the query keywords and associated(More)
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