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In this paper we establish spatial central limit theorems for a large class of supercritical branching Markov processes with general spatial-dependent branching mechanisms. These are generalizations of the spatial central limit theorems proved in [1] for branching OU processes with binary branching mechanisms. Compared with the results of [1], our central(More)
Security and privacy are widely recognized as important requirements for access and management of Electronic Health Record (EHR) data. In this paper we argue that EHR data needs to be managed with customizable access control in both spatial and temporal dimensions. We present a role-based and time-bound access control model (RBTBAC) that provides more(More)
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Keyword search on encrypted data allows one to issue the search token and conduct search operations on encrypted data while still preserving keyword privacy. In the present paper, we consider the keyword search problem further and introduce a novel notion called attribute-based proxy re-encryption with keyword search (ABRKS), which introduces a promising(More)
In this work, we employ the effective vertices for interaction between diquarks (scalar or axial-vector) and gluon where the form factors are derived in terms of the B-S equation, to obtain the potential for baryons including a light quark and a heavy diquark. The concerned phenomeno-logical parameters are obtained by fitting data of B (*) −mesons instead(More)
Let X = {Xt, t ≥ 0; Pμ} be a critical superprocess starting from a finite measure μ. Under some conditions, we first prove that limt→∞ tPμ(Xt = 0) = ν −1 φ0, μ, where φ0 is the eigenfunction corresponding to the first eigenvalue of the infini-tesimal generator L of the mean semigroup of X, and ν is a positive constant. Then we show that, for a large class(More)
In this paper, we establish a spatial central limit theorem for a large class of supercritical branching, not necessarily symmetric, Markov processes with spatially dependent branching mechanisms satisfying a second moment condition. This central limit theorem generalizes and unifies all the central limit theorems obtained recently in [27] for supercritical(More)