Rui Zhang

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This paper presents a novel indoor localization solution using a smart phone. Instead of building the inertial measurement unit (IMU), the integrated calibrated sensors inside the smart phone provide all the sensor information needed. Meanwhile, we avoid the complicated calibration process, when the calibration machines or workstations are not available.(More)
After a wrap-up in the human physiology and an overview on physical principles, this paper introduces four novel types of actuators for haptic feedback devices based on electroactive polymers, which were developed and evaluated for their suitability for haptic feedback devices. The electroactive polymers show many promising properties, such as big(More)
This study presents the relationship between landscape and landscape variables on safety and pedestrian activity. Sites selected for this study will be those adjacent to or within the areas often referred to as " clear zone " of the transportation corridor. Previous research in the impact of environmental mitigation on driver safety will be summarized to(More)
A dielectric-resonator filter configuration implemented as a single piece of a high-<i>K</i> ceramic substrate is presented in this paper. The proposed filter configuration considerably reduces the cost of the assembly and the integration associated with conventional dielectric-resonator filters. A two- and four-pole filter of this type operating in the(More)
In this paper, we present a new portable force feedback device for surgery simulations. Dielectric elastomer spring roll linear actua-tors for this device were manufactured, and characterized via passive tensile tests and active isometric tests. The actuators exhibited a maximum force of 7.2 N, and a maximum elongation of 31%. Due to the high driving(More)
A novel dual-band dielectric resonator constructed from a single piece of high-<i>K</i> ceramic substrate is presented in this paper. The proposed dual-band dielectric resonator is employed to implement dual-band filters whose center frequencies and bandwidths of the first and second passbands can be controlled independently. To illustrate the concept, two(More)
This paper focuses on the development of novel actuators for a portable force feedback glove for, but not limited to, the simulation of open surgeries. A conceptual design of a chain-like actuator based on electroactive polymers is introduced. One actuator element of this chain was built in order to explore and optimize the actuator manufacturing process.(More)
We introduce the SmartMesh, a novel type of active structure capable of deforming actively its shape and thus being able to form objects. It is a new approach to find a solution to the difficulties that are encountered in the field of haptic interaction in virtual environments. The SmartMesh creates in real time the virtual objects as seen through head(More)
The meaning maintenance model proposes that violations to one's expectations will cause subsequent meaning restoration. In attempts to distinguish meaning maintenance mechanisms from mechanisms of terror management, previous research has failed to find increased death-thought accessibility (DTA) in response to various meaning threats. The present research(More)
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