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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t This paper analyzes the impact of Research and Development (R&D) on the productivity of China's high technology industry. In order to capture important differences in the effect of R&D on output that arise from geographic and socioeconomic differences across three major regions in China, we use a novel semiparametric(More)
The auditory brainstem response (ABR) has become a routine clinical tool for hearing and neurological assessment. In order to pick out the ABR from the background EEG activity that obscures it, stimulus-synchronized averaging of many repeated trials is necessary, typically requiring up to 2000 repetitions. This number of repetitions can be very difficult,(More)
—To achieve a effective segmentation for liver cancer CT image, this paper utilizes comprehensive the edge detection, the watershed algorithm and region merging approach, propose a segmentation method of liver cancer CT image based on the watershed algorithm, gain a better effect in the course of liver cancer CT image segmentation, and solve effectively the(More)
Solar energy has an enormous developing application capacity as one kind of green renewable energy source which can be continuously used forever. The track control system in PV adapts automatic tracking light techniques to make solar panels always perpendicular to sunlight. This way can greatly improve the generated energy of PV array, add solar energy(More)
In financial system, the general use of financial data has also been unable to meet the inherent need of the deepening of financial information and management modernization. The financial informationization is faced with needs of the growing use of financial data analysis. Under this background, this paper analyzes the financial income of certain city in a(More)
Investment in water transfer project is huge. Water volume, water price and operation cost to some extent are also not certain. There is a possibility that these factors have an influence on the future finance of the project. Therefore the analysis of the financial risk of the project seems very important. The Monte-Carlo Simulation method can better(More)
  • Rui Zhang
  • 2011
CPN as object-oriented modeling tools, it is combined with undeniable agreement and trust of the update strategy, which is given a safe and intuitive model. When the given task managers are not only based on the cost of implementing the tasks in the tender selection of contractors, but a combination of trust, the implementation of utility computing tasks,(More)
For supplying optimal scheduling of Zhengzhou city with short-term water consumption data, this paper builds three types of forecasting model according to moving arithmetic mean method, regression analysis method and BP neural network. As a result, forecasting result is obtained by water supply data and meteorological data. The study shows that three(More)