Rui Zhang

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The broad host range of pseudorabies virus (PRV) and large capacity for foreign DNA make it a promising vector for the development of vaccines and agents of gene therapy. We show that up to 100 % viral gene disrupting efficiency was achieved by simple co-transfection of the purified PRV genomes with the clustered regularly-interspaced, short palindromic(More)
mRNA variance has been proposed to play key roles in normal development, population fitness, adaptability and disease. While variance in gene expression levels may be beneficial for certain cellular processes, for example in a cells ability to respond to external stimuli, variance may be detrimental for the development of some organs. In the bilaterally(More)
It is surprisingly hard to obtain accurate and precise measurements of the time spent executing a query, as there are many sources of variance. To understand these sources, we review relevant per-process and overall measures obtainable from the Linux kernel and introduce a structural causal model relating these measures. A thorough correlational analysis(More)
Purified myelin basic protein (MBP) from various species contains several post-translationally modified forms termed charge components or charge isomers. Chicken MBP contains four charge components denoted as C1, C2, C3 and C8. (The C8 isomer is a complex mixture and was not investigated in this study.) These findings are in contrast to those found for(More)
This tutorial summarizes the design of head mounted displays. The HMD design is inherently an interdisciplinary subject fusing optical engineering, optical materials, manufacturing techniques, user interface design, computer science, human perception, and physiology for assessing the displays. The report focuses on the optical designs, human factors of HMD.(More)
Measure functions that assign numeric values to keywords to capture their significance in a document set play a crucial role in the construction of a time decomposition of a document set. In this paper, we define two measure functions based on the notion of entropy. The interval entropy measure function identifies time intervals that have non-uniform(More)
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