Rui Zhang

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The auditory brainstem response (ABR) has become a routine clinical tool for hearing and neurological assessment. In order to pick out the ABR from the background EEG activity that obscures it, stimulus-synchronized averaging of many repeated trials is necessary, typically requiring up to 2000 repetitions. This number of repetitions can be very difficult,(More)
The red blood cell segmentation is an important technology for automatic cell counting, classification and analysis in clinical examination. In this paper, we propose a red blood cell segmentation method based on Active Appearance Models (AAM). The AAM can effectively describe the shape information and texture information of the red blood cell, and separate(More)
Anomaly detection has become more and more difficult for telecommunication network due to the various trends of networking technologies and the growing number of unauthorized activities in the performance data. This paper builds up a performance management system based on the one-class-support vector machine (OCSVM) and k-means clustering algorithm, which(More)
A bio-inspired image fusion algorithm in nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) domain is proposed. Two biological vision models, the visual attention mechanism (VAM) and pulse coupled neural network (PCNN), which extract image features under different scales, are employed. VAM based saliency matching degree is used in NSCT low-pass subbands fusion. This(More)
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