Rui Yuan Zhao

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In every developed country, the economic transition from pre-industrial stagnation to modern growth was accompanied by a demographic transition from high to low fertility. Even though the overall pattern is repeated, there are large crosscountry variations in the timing and speed of the demographic transition. What accounts for falling fertility during the(More)
We study the percentage of welfare losses (PWL) yielded by imperfect competition under product differentiation. When demand is linear, if prices, outputs, costs and the number of firms can be observed, PWL is arbitrary in both Cournot and Bertrand equilibria. If in addition, the elasticity of demand (resp. cross elasticity of demand) is known, we can(More)
The paper presents a method for improving the phase noise performance of a CMOS quadrature LC oscillator through parasitic compensation. Owing to the parasitic resistance in the inductor, the LC oscillator suffers from a low Q-value, which degrades its phase noise performance. In this design, through the parasitic-compensation method, the LC oscillator will(More)
This paper presents an integrated multi-attribute decision-making (MADM) approach to aid selection of commercially available materials in the context of sustainable design. The MADM couples grey relational analysis (GRA) with an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to rank alternative materials in terms of their economic, environmental, and social performance.(More)
This paper presents an assessment of urban water footprint in the period of 2001 to 2012 by taking Leshan City, China as a typical case study. The water footprint is calculated by the sum of the water footprints of various sectors, i.e., crop production, animal products, industrial processes, domestic waster, eco-environment, and virtual water trade.(More)
Preface FACTS or "flexible AC transmission systems" is a term that has been suggested for the use of solid state devices to control bulk power flow in transmission systems. The Electric Power Research Institute supported this idea, and many researchers have invested efforts on the value and potential of FACTS. At this time, it appears that the main value of(More)
Application of nanomaterials as anti-bacteria agents has aroused great attention. To investigate the antibacterial activity and antibacterial mechanism of nanomaterials from a molecular perspective is important for efficient developing of nanomaterial antibiotics. In the current work, a new mass spectrometry-based method was established to investigate the(More)
This study was performed to culture and preliminarily identify the primordial germ cells (PGCs) isolated from the genital ridge of the Mongolian sheep fetus. The growth characteristics of the sheep PGCs were detected in different culture systems such as culture media, resources, and state and passages of feeder cells. The obtained embryonic germ (EG) cells(More)
This paper provides an alternative treatment system for landfill gas and leachate control in order to reduce the energy consumption and disposal cost, using the recycled landfill gas as the combustion promoter for incineration of the leachate. This study starts by providing a literature review to summarize and analyze different approaches being applied to(More)