Rui Wen

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While plant growth and reproduction is dependent on sunlight, UV irradiation from sunlight is one of the major genotoxic stresses that threaten plant survival and genome stability. In addition, many environmental chemicals can also damage the plant genome. In yeast and mammalian cells protection against the above genome instability is provided by an(More)
Living organisms are constantly subject to DNA damage from environmental sources. Due to the sessile nature of plants, UV irradiation is a major genotoxic agent and imposes a significant threat on plant survival, genome stability and crop yield. In addition, other environmental chemicals can also influence the stability of the plant genome. Eukaryotic(More)
In this study, we report the identification and functional characterization of three Brachypodium distachyon UEV genes. All three BdUev1s form heterodimers with BdUbc13s, which are capable of catalyzing Lys63-linked polyubiquitination in vitro. The three BdUEV1 genes are also able to functionally complement the budding yeast mms2 mutant defective in(More)
Leptin was known as a pivotal regulator for the control of food intake and energy expenditure. However, leptin has also been found to be involved in the regulation of female reproductive system through interactions with pathways in the hypothalamic-hypophyseal axis and direct action at the ovarian level. In the present study, granulosa cells from goose(More)
A novel medical automatic image segmentation strategy based on guided filtering and multi-atlas is proposed to achieve accurate, smooth, robust, and reliable segmentation. This framework consists of 4 elements: the multi-atlas registration, which uses the atlas prior information; the label fusion, in which the similarity measure of the registration is used(More)
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