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To improve the performances of the parallel 6-axis force sensor with Stewart platform, the paper plots the indices atlases based on the screw theory and the theory of physical model of the solution space, and summaries the laws how the structure parameters affect the indices. Then, the sizable parallel 6-axis force sensor's structure parameters are(More)
This article builds a mathematical model of electromagnetic suspension system in the large air gap, and analyses the features of suspension system precisely through finite element analysis, calculates the electromagnetic force size which the suspended matter in the system received. Finally gave the experimental data a Curve fitting by the method of least(More)
To further improve the precision of sizable Stewart platform-based force/torque sensor with general spherical joints in existing manufacture and calibration techniques, substituting spherical joints with three equivalent revolute joints, the paper presents the friction model of sizable parallel 6-axis force sensor with Stewart structure based on the screw(More)
A method of deriving the forward kinematic and dynamic models through the particular 3 DOF (RRR) parallel micromanipulation device is presented. By established the linear kinematical modeling and dynamic model of a 3-DOF compliant micro-motion manipulator, an optimal design case is studied, the derivation process is in generality and can be implemented for(More)
In precise tracking control system of parallel manipulator, the different of the dynamic characteristics of each actuator are the main reasons effect the precise tracking performance, that is, high-precision tracking control of parallel manipulator depends not only on the position accuracy of each actuator, but also on the dynamic characteristic(More)
In this paper, a 3-degree of freedom levitation system is proposed, which contains the electromagnet array and the permanent magnet. The mathematical model is built, and the whole structure is optimized from three aspects, as magnetic force, controllability and resultant magnetic field. The efficiency of the new electromagnetic system is better than the(More)
From perspective of structure synthesis, certain special geometric constraints, such as joint axes intersecting at one point or parallel to each other, are necessary in realizing the end-effector motion. These requirements are difficult to achieve in the actual system due to assembly errors and manufacturing tolerances. If the conditions aren’t(More)
Screw theory is used to analysis limb structure for 3-degree-of freedom (DoF) parallel manipulators. The procedure of limb joint screw system is consummated, and a better completely list of the limb structure with the special displacement for 3-DoF parallel manipulators is explored. Given the limb wrenches system, the joint screws are determined by a linear(More)