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Electrical Circuit Flashover Model of Polluted Insulators under AC Voltage Based on the Arc Root Voltage Gradient Criterion
In order to study the flashover mechanism of polluted insulators under AC voltage, a new arc propagation criterion which is based on an arc root voltage gradient is proposed. This criterion can
Two-Dimensional Li-based Ternary Chalcogenides for Photocatalysis.
It is proposed that two-dimensional Li-based ternary chalcogenides LiXY2 have intrinsic polarization and direct band gaps, and it is feasible to exfoliate the layered LiAlTe2 from its bulk counterpart in experiments.
Edge dislocation core structures in FCC metals determined from ab initio calculations combined with the improved Peierls-Nabarro equation
We have employed the improved Peierls-Nabarro (P-N) equation to study the properties of 1/2 edge dislocation in {111} plane in FCC metals Al, Cu, Ir, Pd, and Pt. The generalized-stacking-fault energy
High-pressure effect on elastic constants, stacking fault energy and correlation with dislocation properties in MgO and CaO
AbstractThe elastic properties and the generalized-stacking-fault-energy (GSFE) in MeO (Me = Mg, Ca) under different pressures have been calculated using the first principle calculations. In the