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OBJECTIVES To describe a single-center experience in the emergency ureteroscopic management of ureteral stones. METHODS We retrospectively considered the data from 144 patients (mean age 49.6 years, range 23 to 82) who had had obstructive ureteral stones and had undergone emergency ureteroscopy with stone retrieval. Intracorporeal pneumatic lithotripsy was(More)
OBJECTIVES The urachus is a vestigial obliterated structure derived from the alantois. Failure of this involution process originates patent urachal remnants. Surgery is the treatment of choice as it prevents both recurrence of symptoms and malignant transformation. The purpose of this study is to present our experience in the laparoscopic management of this(More)
Purpose. Bladder cancer is a frequent cause of haematuria in elderly patients, and bladder ultrasound (US) is a valuable tool in diagnosing these malignancies. We examined the accuracy of 3D bladder US in diagnosing bladder tumors in patients with haematuria. Patients and Methods. Twenty-one patients observed in the emergency department for haematuria(More)
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