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A 74-year-old man with no relevant personal history, presented to our outpatient gastroenterology practice with complaints of perianal pain for 2 months. The pain was dull and was intensified by movement and local pressure. No relieving factors or association with other symptoms were identified. According to the patient related, the onset of symptoms was(More)
Methods Data were collected from medical charts of JIA patients followed at the pediatric rheumatology Unit from the State University of Campinas. Relevant clinical variables was observed as age, gender, age at diagnosis, subtype of JIA, age at start of MTX, the time from diagnosis to start the treatment with MTX (in months), response to MTX (yes / no) and(More)
Nowadays the efficiency of costs and resources planning in hospitals embody a critical role in the management of these units. Length Of Stay (LOS) is a good metric when the goal is to decrease costs and to optimize resources. In Intensive Care Units (ICU) optimization assumes even a greater importance derived from the high costs associated to inpatients.(More)
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