Rui Tavares

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In nature, some species mate according to their phenotype similarity. The Assortative Mating Genetic Algorithm (AMGA) mimics some mechanisms of reproduction in natural environments. The main difference between AMGA and the Standard GA (SGA) is the selection of the parents in the crossover operators. We develop a similarity measure for the Vector(More)
This paper presents niGAVaPS (non-incest Genetic Algorithm with Variable Population Size), a genetic algorithm that mimics some mechanisms of evolution in natural environment populations. It prevents incest by forbidding the recombination of closely related individuals, based on their ancestry. The degree of ancestry considered is adjustable, niGAVaPS tunes(More)
This paper presents a framework for biased variation, which is defined as the use of domain specific knowledge to modify the usual behavior of the variation process in a given Evolutionary Algorithm. Variation process in an EA is the process by which new genotypes in the search space are created (e.g., mutation and crossover operators). This is accomplished(More)
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