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PRASE: An Approach for Program Reliability Analysis with Soft Errors
This paper presents a novel approach named PRASE, which can analyze the reliability of a program with the effect of soft errors. Expand
The Instruction Scheduling for Soft Errors Based on Data Flow Analysis
We present a compiler optimization approach named ISSE, which schedules instructions to improve the reliability of a program in the presence of soft errors. Expand
A Novel Optimum Data Duplication Approach for Soft Error Detection
In this paper, we first introduce an analytical model, named PRASE (Program Reliability Analysis with Soft Errors), which is able to access the impact of soft errors for the reliability of a program. Expand
A Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming System Based on the iVCE Platform
In this paper, we design and implement a peer-to-peer streaming system in a much easier way using the Internet-based Virtual Computing Environment (iVCE), and it can serve as a reference implementation for developing similar applications. Expand
DLG-Hypertree: A Low-Diameter, Server-centric Datacenter Network Architecture
We utilize the "distributed line graph" (DLG) technique on hyper tree to design an efficient DCN architecture, called DLG-Hyper tree (DH). Expand