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The impact of sediment burial and erosion on seagrasses : A review
The available information from experimental and descriptive studies on the effects of sediment burial and erosion on seagrasses was compiled to synthesize the information regarding theExpand
Daily variation patterns in seagrass photosynthesis along a vertical gradient
The photosynthetic parameters of Z. noltii revealed that this plant species exhibits sun- and shade-type responses in its upper and lower verti- cal distribution limits, respectively, and suggests that this species is strongly light-limited. Expand
Effects of burial and erosion on the seagrass Zostera noltii
The results indicated that Z. noltii has a high sensitivity to burial and erosion disturbance, which should be considered in the management of coastal activities. Expand
A direct comparison of the performance of the seaweed biofilters, Asparagopsis armata and Ulva rigida
This study confirmed that A. armata is indeed a more efficient biofilter than U. rigida, and the production rates reported here are the highest ever reported for macroalgae cultivated in tanks. Expand
Checklist of benthic marine algae and cyanobacteria of northern Portugal
An updated checklist of the benthic marine algae of the northern Portuguese coast is provided, based on new records, literature references, and herbarium data, and distribution shifts of northern cold water species with southern distribution limit in the north of Portugal were not consistent among species. Expand
Effects of clam harvesting on sexual reproduction of the seagrass Zostera noltii
Results suggest that Z. noltii responds to clam harvesting disturbance by both increasing its reproductive effort and extending its fertile season. Expand
Submerged versus air-exposed intertidal macrophyte productivity: from physiological to community-level assessments
The short-term incubations method described in this report proved to be a valuable tool for field measurements of intertidal lagoon productivity, providing fast and precise values of carbon dioxide fixation, both in submerged and air-exposed communities. Expand
Which demographic traits determine population growth in the invasive brown seaweed Sargassum muticum
This study suggests that the invasiveness of S. muticum, a perennial invader without vegetative reproduction, relies on K- rather than r-selected traits and without drastic changes in life-history strategy between phases of invasion. Expand
Bio-dependent bed parameters as a proxy tool for sediment stability in mixed habitat intertidal areas
The stability of cohesive and non-cohesive sediments in a mixed intertidal habitat within the Ria Formosa tidal lagoon, Portugal, was examined during two field campaigns as part of the EU F-ECTSExpand