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—The design of advanced, nanostructured materials at the molecular level is of tremendous interest for the scientific community because of their potential in several fields, including medicine, biology and tissue engineering. Layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly is a versatile technique for the realization of multilayered films with tailored characteristics at the(More)
Study of the labeling of Schistosoma mansoni cercaria with technetium-99m (99mTc) at room temperature (25 degrees C) and 37 degrees C shows that the incorporation of radioactivity in this cercaria increases with the increase in stannous chloride concentration, reaching a constant value threshold at 130.00 microM. Strong binding of the 99mTc was obtained(More)
Demineralized bone particle (DBP), which is widely used as a biomaterial in the field of tissue engineering, contains various bioactive molecules, such as cytokines. For this reason, in this study we investigated the effects of injectable DBP gels on cell proliferation, inflammation and maintenance of the shape of DBP gels as a scaffold able to substitute(More)
The land use and land cover (LUC) of the Zêzere watershed (Portugal) have undergone major changes in recent decades, with the increase of artificial surfaces. This trend is quantified in some studies, but the probability of the increase of this type of LUC, nor the places where the next transitions or land use/cover changes (LUCC) for artificial surfaces(More)
Runnup and overtopping are the two main sea wave originated events that threat coastal structures. These events may cause destruction of property and the environment, and endanger people. To build early warning forecast systems, we must take into account the consequence and risk characterization of the events in the affected area, and understand how these(More)
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