Rui-Qin Song

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PH5 is a petunia gene that encodes a plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase and determines the vacuolar pH. The citrate content of fruit cell vacuoles influences citrus organoleptic qualities. Although citrus could have PH5-like homologs that are involved in citrate accumulation, the details are still unknown. In this study, extensive data-mining with the PH5 sequence(More)
Arsenic (As) contamination of rice grains affects millions of people worldwide. In this study, we found that sulfur application (20As+120S) decreased As concentration in rice grains by 44 % compared to grains without sulfur application (20As+0S). Importantly, sulfur application decreased arsenate [As(V)] and arsenite [As(III)] concentration in rice grains(More)
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