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Functional-structural plant models (FSPM) simulate plant development and growth, usually accompanied with visualization of the plant 3D architecture. GreenLab is a generic and mechanistic FSPM: various botanical architectures can be produced by its organogenesis model, and the plant growth is governed by the competition on biomass among growing organs. A(More)
This paper introduces a generic toolbox of Particle Swarm Optimization developed in the platform of Scilab (PSOTS), with friendly designed interface by TCL/TK. It is developed for a variety of complex problems, including single objective optimization problems, multi-objective optimization problems, continuous problems, discrete problems, and mixed integer(More)
Transfer function (TF) specification is an important research issue in direct volume rendering (DVR). In this paper, the problem has been developed as a parameter optimization model and a modern evolutionary algorithm, the particle swarm optimization (PSO), has been applied to solve it effectively. Initial solutions are formed and encoded into particles of(More)
BACKGROUND We estimated the status of norovirus infection and prevention in kindergartens and primary schools and identified poor areas for which future education is needed. We evaluated the knowledge, attitude, behavior, requirements of outbreak prevention, and rate of asymptomatic carriers. METHODS Two self-administered questionnaires were conducted for(More)
Blind image separation consists in processing a set of observed mixed images to separate them into a set of original components. Most of the current blind separation methods assume that the sources are as statistically independent or sparsity as possible given the observations. However, these hypotheses do not hold in real world situation. Considering that(More)
GreenLab is a mathematical model simulating the dynamics of plant organogenesis, biomass production and allocation, and plant three-dimensional structure. Being a functional-structural model, its software implementation and test are costly. On the other hand, software is a necessary tool to understand, analyze and apply the model. With increasing scientific(More)
In this paper, we study a distributed compressed sensing (DCS) problem in which we need to recover a set of jointly sparse vectors from the measurements. A Backtracking-based Adaptive Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (BAOMP) method to approximately sparse solutions for DCS is proposed. It is an iterative approach where each iteration consists of consecutive(More)
A functional-structural model of winter oilseed rape (WOSR) has been developed to study plant morphogenetic plasticity, i.e. how processes of morphogenesis are adapted in response to environmental constraints. The phyllochron (time between emergence of two successive leaves) is one of the variables sensitive to environment. The aim of this article is to use(More)